I am using htmlxTreeGrid v.1.5 Professional edition.

I have a grid created like that GRID.setColTypes(“sub_row,ro,ro,ro,”);

I can’t use Sub_row_grid cell type on the definition because sometimes I have to add html elements sometimes grid.

GRID.addRow(rowid, " div.innerHTML+",a1,a2,a3",rowsNum)

I can add html elements as a subrow and I can add a sub dtmlxgrid by adding that subGrid to div and passing divs.innerHTML.

but I can not modify anything on subgrid.

I have checked your example that you specify cell type in he XML file. but how on the fly ?

. but how on the fly ?
Can be done as

GRID.addRow(rowid, “server_feed.php,a1,a2,a3”,rowsNum);