Sudden crash


Last night the calendar stopped working…

instead to have the calendar displayed I get a multiple error message with: …“function.simplexml-load-file”

I did nothing on the site lately neither installed another plugin…?

here is the page:

Any clue why ?

Thank you.

The error is related to xml config parsing. But it can’t appear on its own - it must be a result of some manual config edit in DB.

Anyway, you can try to login in admin code and save settings of scheduler. Which will reset old config and most probably will resolve issue.

What do you mean by "in admin code" … I’m in wordpress… I see no “save settings”.

Do you mean access the DB in phpmyadmin ?

In WP admin, you can access the page in question by using Plugins - Scheduler menu
At bottom of scheduler’s setting page you must have “Save” button

It didn’t change anything… Shall I “Restore Default” ?

It works again… I unchecked the “debug mode”… And made several saves… :question: :question:
:smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for your support Stanislav…