Suggestion for Popup positioning

I created a popup (numeric pad for entering numbers) and I have configured it to popup on the right side of a ‘text’ field. That works great until a field is too far left of the screen. Then the popup will be cut off. It would be very helpful if the show routine of ‘window’ could check for this situation.

A minor modification is possible starting at line: 8990. Currently the code looks like this:

if (mode == “right”){
fin_x = pos.x+delta_x+dx;

It does not check if the popup can fully be displayed on the screen. With a minor modification, it can check for situation and default to putting the popup on the bottom if it will not fit. The change would look like this:

if (mode == “right” && (pos.x+delta_x+dx+size[0]+6<x)){
delta_x += 6;

Note: I shifted 6px to the left because the popup clipped the right side of the component.

Thank you for considering,

Thank for suggestion. We will implement the correstion for the popup position in the next version.