Suggestion for 'text' component

I have a ‘text’ component that contains a popup window. Everything works correctly except the keyboard starts to make an appearance then disappears. This occurs on the on original iPad and iPad2. When I have a popup on a ‘input’ component, the keyboard does not try to make an appearance.

It would be nice if ‘input’ and ‘text’ components operated the same way when a popup is configured for the component. One possibility is to add:

(config.popup?“firefast=‘t’ “:””)

to line 6095, so that it looks like this:

html += “<input id=’” + name + “’ type=’”+(config.type||"’ value=’" + (config.text||config.value||"") + “’ “+((readonly||config.readonly)?“readonly=‘true’ “:””)+(config.popup?“firefast=‘t’ “:””)+(config.maxlength?“maxlength=’”+config.maxlength+”’ “:””)+(config.placeholder?“placeholder=’”+config.placeholder+"’ “:”")+" class=‘dhx_inp_"+type+"’ style=‘width: " + width + "px; text-align: " + inputAlign + ";’ />";


Hello Kris,

could you please attach the sample that reproduces the problem with text and input ? Locally we have not managed to do that.

The attached example has two fields. The first field will popup the keyboard and the popup component. The second field will only display the popup.

In my original post, I indicated the keyboard starts to display then disappears. That was incorrect, the keyboard does not disappear, it displays both the keyboard and popup.

Kris (575 Bytes)


we have tested the sample - the keyboard appears for both text and input elements. The sample is attached (inlucluding libraries). (184 KB)

Oops, I am extremely sorry for the error! It was a custom change that I did.

Kris, don’t worry. Your ideas and fixes already have helped us to improve Touch library. So, we don’t mind if you post new suggestions :wink: