Suite 7.1.2 Form Simplevault

I try to upload a file with the simplevault control,
after send() the file:{} object is always empty
can you help me

The documentation on the simplevault control leaves much to be desired. I’ve found that you almost have to treat it as a separate entity from the form itself. For instance, you can’t send the form data and the file in the simplevault at the same time; the send for one doesn’t send the other. So, depending on your needs, you need to transmit the data from either the form or the simplevault first, and then send the other following the success of the first.

In my case, the form data is irrelevant if the file upload fails, so I have the simplevault send the file first, and use the “uploadComplete” event to then get the data from the form and send it.

Hope that helps point you in the right direction!