Suite 8 BUG: Window is not resizable even thought the resize property is set to true

As the title says the window widget isn’t resizable.

Here is a snippet where you can check it.

Pls guys, put the vodka away and label ur products as ALPHA because otherwise you confuse people that they download something NEXT VERSION which is supposed to be more functional but instead it behaves EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

Your product and team SUCKS.

i’m a customer, and plz stop crying.
its toxic.

So why would I care that you are a customer? What difference does it makes that they break something as LAME as resizable functionality. In previous version it works. They upload NEW version and it doesn’t work anymore.

Aren’t new versions supposed to fix BUGS instead of introduce NEW BUG OVER previously working functions?

It is completely UNRELIABLE PRODUCT.

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed.
We’ll try to fix it in our next update.

We have fixed your reported problem with the window resizing failing in the latest dhtmlxSuite update (v8.0.1).
You can test it in your original snippet.
Please, download the latest available dhx.Suite build from your client’s area to get that fix.
Thank you for your report.
Best regards.