Suite 8 Hide progress layout after load

How to hide layout progress after loading page done…

Try to call the progressHide() method

from the preferred event depending on your scenario.
In case of the page rendering itself you can use the window.onload event.
In case of a grid placed inside the layout cell you can use the load() event of the dataCollection, which triggers after the data is loaded to the grid:

Can i get example for hide progres if layout has attact html via iframe?

Please, try to use the onload event of your iframe:

Thanks…but if src load from php file the progres will be hide quickly not until load all page content…

This is just an idea, I don’t did this before, but have you tried to send a message from the iframe when this is fully loaded? For example, including an script tag at the end of the content that send some message using the PostMessage API. Technically this tag only will be reached when all the previous content is ready.

This wont help but I’ve been wondering why that functionality was removed.
Version 5 had it via attachURL() and an onContentLoaded() event.
Please add this functionality into 8

I’ve sent this your request to the dev team, so it will be observed.
Thank you for your requests.

Could you please, provide an example, where the problem can be reconstructed, as for now the iframe onload event seem to solve the problem?