Suite & Touch Visual Designer

Whatever for desktop or mobile approach and for an innovative visual designer i would suggest :

  • to allow the use of coffeescript and then produce final javascript result at will
  • php back end code generation about getters and setters

A brief sum-up of the idea regarding back end code generation :

For example an input element (like a textbox) could have a property “datasend”
(don’t care about the name) which is a listbox where we can select an action
element present into the form (for example a button).

So the button in this example knows all input elements linked to him and we
would be able to generate the code on the mobile side to push these values on
the back end and we would also be able to generate the php back end code to
receive these values.

Same principle with elements having a property “datareceive” in order for them
to retrieve values populated by the server.

It’s just a general description to explain the process without structure or
optimisation ideas in it. One example among others is that we could look as
convenient for an element pushed on the backend (or retrieving a server data
value) to map its variable name to another variable name on the backend we would
have to specify.

I see this as a tremendous added value in productivity, saving time, avoiding
errors, making developer’s life much easier and so implying less ask for
support in forum :slight_smile:

And a rich Visual designer like this one would be appropriate into a dhtmlx 4.x release