[=sum] in TreeGrid is causing problem


In case of TreeGrid, Earlier when we were using version 1.5, our cells were editable.we used below code for 1.5 version-


But in case of version1.6 , when we used the below code our cells are getting locked.We are not able to edit the cells.


In the above case,

ed[=sum] is not editable.

ed is editable.

edn is editable.

edn[=sum] is not editable.

Also if we are changing firstcell type i.e, ed[=sum] to ed, then the cell is getting editable.So its not the issue with rowid.

In our case row id is unique.So we think there is some problem with [=sum].

Please consider this issue as urgent.

Thanks & Regards,

Swapna J

In dhtmlxgrid 1.6 cell can’t be editable if it value is a result of math formula
If you want to have some cells in math based column editable , you need to specify their type directly in XML


    <cell type=“edn”>such cell will be editable