Sum of column for a graph chart

Dear all,
congratulation for this component, it is very great.
I have a pie graph to display the number of studients by categories.
i would like display the number of studients ; is it possible directly with graph component or i have to use ajax component to calculate the number of studients ?



you may use “group” functionality to process data before chart rendering.

Here is the sample:

Dear all,
thanks for your response. But i was not very clear with my question.
In fact i would like display the total of sutdients in the title of the graph.
My pie graph display the nb of studient by categories and i want to display the nb of studients for all actegories.
is’it possible to do that .
I saw in your example a function chart.sum , the chart.count exists ?


you can use

chart.load(data_url, function(){ var count = chart.sum("#students#"); // put count somewhere on the page });

where “students” name of property which need to be summed
You can place result data in any custom html container or render directly over chart.

Thank very much …