support for 'reference grabbing'

Hi there,

I’d like to use dhtmlxGrid to let users type expressions into cells, have those expressions evaluated server-side, and the results of evaluation displayed in the grid (like a traditional spreadsheet).

The tricky bit is I’d like to support what I’m calling ‘reference grabbing’ - where a user in the middle of typing a formula can indicate a range of cells using either cursor keys or dragging with the mouse, and have that cellrange entered into the expression being edited, at the text cursor, while the grabbed range is highlighted on the grid using colored dotted borders or marching ants.

I can’t find mention of direct support for this in dhtmlxGrid’s documentation or forums, so I’m assuming I’ll have to code it from scratch myself. Do people think it will be easy (or hard) to add this to dhtmlxGrid?

Many thanks for any thoughts or suggestions,


dhtmlxGrid has math calculation extension … _math.html … th_in_grid

The tricky bit is I’d like to support what I’m calling ‘reference grabbing’
Technically it possible to change the code of grid, so it will be able to support your requirements, but it will require heavy customization. You can contact about customization details.

Thanks Olga, that’s good to know.

I don’t think the math extension is suitable for our purpose - our expressions are not just arithmetical, we’ve got to evaluate them ourselves, on the server.

Many thanks for the input.