Support for task "Splits"?

Hi there,

Is it possible or is it planned to support task “splits” (i.e. having more than one date period & horizontal bar per task row)?

Currently we have not such plans.
If you need to show a view where one line can have multiple tasks - check timeline view of dhtmlxScheduler … gnore.html

It’s a coincidence but I have the same need today. Is this really impossible with the Gantt component or is it possible with a little customization of the code ?

Currently we have not plans to support multiple bars per gantt line for sure.
Is scheduler in timeline mode doesn’t have some functionality which exists in gantt ?

It possible to customize event renderer, so it will render task as multiple bars, but it will be a single task ( single record in db ) with multiple start and end dates, not the multiple records. Also you will be able to operate only with all chunks of such splitted task at once, so you can drag them all, but not the part and similar for resize.

Thanks for your answer Stanislav.

I’m not sure to good understanding your response.
You say It’s will be possible to associate some multiples start/end date at a task, but after we couldn’t manipulate the different zones individually ?

It’s a very important point for us about the choice of the component. I really want to work with DHTMLX component because we are already client of the DHTLMX Suite and we are very happy of your work (and of your presence on this forum !).

Is it possible to have an explication (and perhaps a little part of code) about the implementation of multiples start/end date for a task ?

Thanks in advanced.

Yes, if it works for you then I can create some kind of sample

yes i’m interested by your solution.

Please check the attached sample. (42.9 KB)

Thanks for your example, I will adapt it to have potentially “1-n” task, and I will see if it’s enough to our needs.

We are also interested in the same functionality; to be able to have multiple individual tasks aligned on the same row or stacked vertically. It is true that timeline scheduler seems to do that pretty nicely but it does not have the gantt functionality such as precedences etc? If you dont plan to implement this, can you please give some pointers on how that could be implemented using code (maybe using code from scheduler)?

such as precedences etc?

Yep, it has not any visual elements to show links between tasks. In same time, you can have custom fields to track relations between task ( both in model and in popup editor )

We don’t have plans to introduce splits in the dhtmlxGantt ( at least not in the foreseen future ). The gantt was constructed around “one line - one task” thesis, so it will be quite hard to show multiple tasks on the same line. In same time, you can redefine rendering and show the task in any custom way ( render it as a serie of separate tasks for example )

Also, you can contact about custom development.

+1 tasks splits :slight_smile:


Your sample work fine to have mutiple task on a same line (for previous version of dhtmlxgantt), but when I try the last release of dhtmlxgantt, tasks are not splitted anymore.

Have you modified the dhtmlxgantt.js file to make this need possible ?

Is there a way to adjust the new release ?


It uses the latest version of the gantt.
Same code works correctly.