Support highlight weekend in other scales other then ‘day-view’

I know that you guys supported to highlight certain columns like “weekend” in static_background mode recently in v6.2.0, but in your demo I couldn’t highlight the weekend column in other scales, like “week-view” or above.

Could you support highlighting weekend column in “week-view” like the screen shot below?

you could try to add weekend highlight column in here: DHTMLX Snippets

Hello Kevin,
You can highlight weekends in the snippet with the week+day scales:
But it is not possible to do exactly the same thing as you show on the screenshot by using Gantt API.
You can only highlight the whole cell, not part of it. On the screenshot, you don’t have the day scale, so you don’t have day cells. Because of that, you cannot highlight only part of the week cell unless you implement a custom solution by using Javascript and CSS.
But if you add the day scale, you will be able to highlight the weekends:

When the static background is enabled, Gantt generates the image depending on the timeline_cell_class template. So, you see the same picture as if you don’t use the static background option.

If you want us to implement a feature to highlight the weekend days without using the day scale, please clarify why do you need that feature and why you don’t want to add the day scale.

Thanks ramil,

I can see that I can’t draw weekend highlight on my screenshot mode by using static_background + timeline_cell_class , but I could drew the highlight by using static_background + taskLayer, how did that works, because the week scale is also a whole cell, but it did work on taskLayer, so could you make it work by using the mechanism of taskLayer?

Hello Kevin,
Yes, it can work that way:
However, it might hang if you have many tasks.
For that purpose, you can create elements only for the first row, here is the example with 500 tasks:
However, please note, that if you have many cells and in the timeline, you will have more elements, and it will affect the performance.