Support pagination for request and display the gantt data?


Do you have any plan to support pagination for request and display the gantt data ?
For example, we have 10k or 100k gantt items, but we’ve already use pagination mechanism to load the items, when need to display these items in gantt chart , but it’s not possible to display the whole gantt situation with just a little fragment/page of those items, so do you have any solution or suggestion to solve this kind of problem?

Hello Kevin,
Usually, our customers ask about pagination to export the data, and the dev team will add that functionality in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.
I have a snippet where you can set the number of tasks you want to see on the page and switch between pages. That might help you to create your solution.
Here is an example with 10000 tasks (they are generated):
Enter the number of tasks you want to see, and Gantt will display only that number of tasks.

There is no parent task here, so the yours pagination solution is ok , but once you have parent and more parent levels, and once you paged in our item, the parent item can not gather all the sub-items to show the right dates and progress.

Hello Kevin,
The sample shows the exact number of tasks on the page, it doesn’t show tasks with all their children. Please describe with more details about how you imagine it should work.
However, I couldn’t reproduce the issue with dates and different progress:
Please, give me the steps to reproduce the issue or add your reproduce the issue in the snippet, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link.