Support smart_rendering in resource section


Support smart_rendering in resource section

I’m having a issue that the performance of my resource section is very bad, the UI is very jank

Will you add support smart_rendering in resource section in the future? cause it’s kind of really import for the UX.

If it would take a long time, at least tell me how can I improve the resource section performance?

  1. Can I add smart rendering to resource section by myself? how do i do it?
  2. or what other things I could do to improve the performance?
  3. What resource section events I could subscribe on and do something?


Hello Kevin,
We’re aware of the performance limitations of the resource view, this update is in our backlog. However, I can’t tell when exactly we’re able to deliver it.

  1. Technically, you can. It’s all in javascript and you have a non-minified build of the library to change it.
    However, it will require an extensive amount of research, since the codebase is reasonably large and we can’t provide any developer documentation.

  2. You can try disabling the display of background cells in the resource view config:
    since reducing the number of elements will help the performance. But I can’t see anything simple that could give you a significant gain in rendering speed.

  3. Please clarify what kind of events you’d want to track and for what.


Hi Ramil,

Thanks for you so detailed answer and explaining, for the clarification, I just using the resource alone for display a table that has the timeline and grid to display a timesheet table, in the beginning , I thought that smart_rendering could apply to all the area in DHTMLX gantt, but it turns out not. Yes, I have a large scale of data, which need to be displayed in this timesheet table, but since the performance issue is very serious, so I came here to ask for help.

I’m working in a company which as a Enterprise License version, and we are urge to developing and shipping gantt product, we are really appreciate if you could help us to improve the performance of the resource view as early as you can, thank you in advance.

Based on you answer, I have a conclusion, I think that the self integrating the smart_rendering to the resource view is very difficult to do, for me, this source code is very large , and I only know the a little part of it, so I could not accomplish this mission by myself.

Looking forward the coming fix, Thanks.


Hey Ramil, may I ask when will this issue be fixed?


Hello Kevin,
Unfortunately, I cannot give you an ETA. But I will send you a notification when smart rendering for the resource chart is implemented.


so, how long did I have to wait? a month? a quarter? a year?


Hello Kevin,
Sorry, cannot suggest when the dev team implements it.


Ok, I understand, thanks for your patience.