suppress the default add event form


I wanted to use the customized add event form such that the default one will not appear.

How can I do that?

I tried to call blockevent() and other related hits in the forum but none of them works.

I’m using the following code…

$$("scheduler").$$("add").attachEvent("onItemClick", function (id, ev, trg) {




you can redefine configuration of the toolbar in the bottom of the scheduler and use own button instead of default “add” button:

var labels = scheduler.locale.labels; scheduler.config.bottom_toolbar = [ { view:"button",id:"today",label:labels.icon_today,inputWidth:scheduler.xy.icon_today, align:"left",width:scheduler.xy.icon_today+6}, { view:"segmented", id:"buttons",selected:"list",align:"center",multiview:true, options:[ {value:"list", label:labels.list_tab,width:scheduler.xy.list_tab}, {value:"day", label:labels.day_tab,width:scheduler.xy.day_tab}, {value:"month", label:labels.month_tab,width:scheduler.xy.month_tab} ]}, { view:"button",css:"add",id:"newAdd", align:"right", label:" + ", inputWidth:42, width:50}, { view:"label", label:"",inputWidth:42,width:50, batch:"readonly"} ];

The event handler should be set for the new button:

$$("scheduler").$$("newAdd").attachEvent("onItemClick", function (id, ev, trg) { showCustomizedWindow(); });

blockEvent also will do. However, you need to call it for $$(“scheduler”):

$$("scheduler").$$("add").attachEvent("onItemClick", function (id, ev, trg) { $$("scheduler").blockEvent(); showCustomizedWindow(); dhx.delay(function(){ $$("scheduler").unblockEvent(); }); });

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve used the blockEvent() way.

another follow up question…

I was trying to do the same thing for opening existing appointment form, and used the following method but to no avail…any ideas?

$$("scheduler").$$("dayList").attachEvent("onItemClick", function (id) { $$("scheduler").blockEvent(); showCustomizedWindow(id); dhx.delay(function () { $$("scheduler").unblockEvent(); }); });


This approach doesn’t fit in this case. Please take a look at the post with the issue similar to yours: