Swap combo values

I need to be able to swap the values of two combo fields via JavaScript with a button click.
I do this now with regular html input fields to allow users to easily swap origin/destination fields for a reverse trip in the application. The code does no longer works since replacing html text input fields with combo boxes. Any help/insight would be appreciated.

What do you mean? Filtering or loading? Could you explain, please?

Wrote a filtering program in php (provides address and intersection lookups - reverse geocodes).
The filter and widget autocompletes just fine - couldn’t be happier.
However, after a user uses the application and gets a transit itinerary they may want to get a return trip to come back. I have created a button with an onclick event that will swap values between origin and destination fields in the form. The function worked fine reversing the text values in two html text boxes. After replacing the html text boxes with DHTMLX combo boxes (to support autocomplete) the function no longer works.

If this still doesn’t make sense, let me know and I will send a working sample.

Thanks for getting back to me. We have an account with DHTMLX - just never needed to ask for help before.

Can i specify, how exactly you change valules?
There is getComboValue() and setComboValue(value) methods to get and set suche values.

Or may be it would be better to provide us a demo?
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo
You can send it to support@dhtmlx.com