Swipe Responsivity

I’ve noticed that when using the swipex/swipey events on an iPad, it is not nearly as responsive as a native application. IE, its less of a flick and more of a deliberate press, move, and lift. Do you have any suggestions on making these events fire more easily (the application can always choose not to handle if it’s too sensitive)?

Thanks in advance,

You are using dhtmlx Touch 1.0, right?
In latest version swipe action occurs quite easily, the only thing - if during gesture you have moved up to 30px in orthogonal direction - swipe will not occur

You can play with

dhx.Touch.config.deltaStep = 10; //default 30

small values - swipe will occur even for smallest gestures
big values (100) - wide swipe gesture will be required, but orthogonal shift is less important