Switch views and event creation

1.) While switching from week view to day view it is showing the week Monday in Day view instead I want the current day.

2.) In the week view, when the user views the current week and clicks in the time on the scheduler, it creates the event with start date as that weeks monday, instead it should create on current day

(1) What do you mean by “current day” ? Scheduler provides onViewChange handler, from which you can fire a custom code - after changing mode from week to day, it can call something like scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date()) to show the current day.

(2) The starting time of event will be based on clicked day and time. It will not be set to start of week.

I refered clicking the time in the left as marked in red in the image.

when you click on the scale the event is added on the first day of week. It’s an expected behavior.
You can not set up it without source code modification.