Sync and Delete Action

Hi All,

When I create a new event or update it the Sync between to different users is working fine.
However when I delete one, the event in the other user wont disappear.

Anyone have this problem?

Please enable logging in connectors and provide server side logs for such invalid scenario.
It works locally, so problem in your case may be related to specific of client|server code configuration.

Thanks for the quick respond. Attached is the Connector Log, I need time to get the server side Log.

Here is more detail of the problem:
I see the event deleted from the events table and the line added to the with the delete description in the Action Table. In the user that deletes the event it disappears of the screen, the other user see the insert and updates before and after a event is deleted, however the deleted event never disappear, a refreshing of the page is needed to update it correctly. (942 Bytes)


I finally found the problem. I changed the logic of the SELECT, In the JOIN I take out the LEFT property because i was having problems when the actions_table lose integrity. Now its working fine for the delete update of the screen.