Sync gantt scale with scheduler timeline scale

Hi dhtmlx team,

Is there any built in feature to make gantt scale in sync with scheduler timeline scale?

I was looking for something similar to this … gresources



You can configure Grid in various ways, more info:

And also it’s possible to add zooming for display different scale ranges, please check this snippet. Zooming works on ‘Ctrl + mouse wheel’.

If this is not enough to implement the necessary functionality, please specify what else you need and I will try to help you.

Hi Polina,

Thanks for quick response, for the gantt zoom-in and zoom-out, it is no problem and got it implemented :slight_smile:

what I mean is the scheduler part, on the link I provided on the first post, when the gantt zoomed in or out, the scheduler will be scaled accordingly, and when the gantt is scrolled, the scheduler timeline also scrolled accordingly.

best regards,


Yes, understood. There is no built-in solution for it, you can try to implement it manually.
But by default buttons are used instread of scrolling to swithing between time slots in DHTMLX Scheduler.

To synchronize Gantt with Scheduler, you can use the onGanttScroll event to get the new position of Gantt Chart and set it for Scheduler in some way, depends on how you added scroll in the Scheduler.