Sync.js not created

After installing the nodejs according to the documentation the file sync.js should be created. I can’t find the file anywhere.
so the sync is not working.

File sync.js is not created automatically.

If you have followed the tutorial and have started server by using “node nodejs/server.js.”, request to localhost:8008/sync.js will return the correct js content. There is no physical file sync.js though.

Ok thanks, I thought something like that. Problem is that, although the server says it is started succesfully and we have added the code as mentioned in the tutorial, updates aren’t shown automatically. So I’ve added:


var dpg = new dataProcessor(“classes/dhtmlx/data/landLoad.php”);

Is this correct?

Check the updated example from the next thread

I’ve changed the code according to your given example but there is still no live_update. Besides that I noticed that opening the page is slower than when live-update is not used. So I guess where are doing something wrong. I’ve included the files in which we tried to implement the live-update (others needs to follow), so maybe you can check if our code is correct? (2.87 KB)

Have you started the nodejs server ?

The loading delay may be caused by attempt to connect to the nodejs server and waiting for a timeout.

We’ve started the nodejs server, as you can see in the attached file, on the same server the website is running (under IIS) and it seems to be running…

I have checked you code and it works for me correctly locally. ( sync.js was loaded correctly )

You can try to check the js console and network panels of dev tools, maybe there are some other js issue or connector’s response is invalid.

Oké, when I use the actual IP-address instead of ‘localhost’ it is working… I will use that, but maybe you can add this to your documentation, somehow?

Yep, we will update the docs.