synched Gantt + Timeline

Our use case requires that we have a synced activity gantt and resource view. I think this could be accomplished via the Gantt and Timeline components together. Bryntum (a competitor) has an example of this, which I think is very powerful. … tscheduler

The challenge I think with their technology is that it is tightly dependent on ExtJS, a pretty heavyweight technology that we don’t want to use. Given dhtmlxGantt does not come with dependencies, this make it preferable from a technical perspective. Saying that, I want to make sure the use case is handled using dhtmlxGantt technology.

right now there is no out of the box solution for this.
You can use the Timeline mode of dhtmlxScheduler for a resource view - both components use the same format of data, so there shouldn’t be fundamental difficulties in synchronizing their data, however it would require a certain amount of coding.
We also plan to add a support of resources and a related display mode in gantt, most probably it will be included in the next update somewhere by the end of April

Hi Aliaksandr,

Sorry for step in, I actually have similar issue with andy, and posted similar question here

is there is a way to keep sync between gantt and scheduler?