Synchronous AJAX


I am using some AJAX functions in my application to get data from a server, and populate a list with it

The problem is that I have a AJAX function, and following a refresh list function, but the list get refreshed before the AJAX populate the vars.

My question is: there are some way via framework to make this function synchronous?

function(text, json, http_request) {
tall = eval(text);



thanks for help

var data = dhx.ajax().sync().get(consult).responseText; $$("list").parse(data,"json");

Thanks so much!!! It works perfectly.

Is it possible to make a loading??
dhx.extend($$(“lista”), dhx.ui.overlay); dont work now, is not a big deal but I would like to have it

It will not work for sync. data request, as browser needs some kind of async. operation to render new content.