Tab bar content is over lapping

I am using dhtmlx vertical tabs.
I am loading the content using tabbar.setContentHref();
Initially when i select a tab,content is displaying normally after this if i select another tab,
the second tab content is over lapping on first tab content.
can u tell me why the tab content is over lapping? and tell me how to fix this?


We need to test your completed demo with this issue: locally all is fine. … leted_demo

I have sent demo in the following attachment,My tab content is over lapping .
by default my first tab is in active state,when I select second tab,second tab content is overlapping on first tab content.
complete demo.rar (618 KB)

In the above post I forgot to include this,content is not overlapping in safari and mozilla ,It is over lapping in chrome.

If under the 'overlap" you mean switching between tabs - it is right behaviour.
In Safari, Chrome, FF and IE youк sample behaviour is the same.

over lap mean,second tab content is displaying over the first tab content,So the content is unclear and not visible properly.

We can’t reproduce it on your sample. Provide us direct link or sample, which can reproduce the issue.
In all browsers our tabbar works fine: