Tab bar not attaching grid


The following example is closely based on the example provided by DHX. I can’t get the grid to attach to the first tab. I wonder if there’s a problem with the dhtmlxcontainer.js found inside the dhtmlxTabbar codebase folder. The first alert in my code appears, but not the second, which makes me think the attachGrid() method may be at fault. Please advise? Thanks.



Before LOAD you need to init grid.

grid.setImagePath("../dhtmlxGrid/codebase/imgs/"); grid.setHeader("Author,Title"); grid.setInitWidths("250,250"); grid.enableAutoWidth(true); grid.setColAlign("left,left"); grid.setColTypes("ro,ro"); grid.setColSorting("str,str"); grid.init(); grid.loadXML("../../___xml/grid_default.xml");

Thank you very much, Darya. The init code you so kindly provided was missing from the example provided by DHX; and I was puzzled by the omission, as I’ve worked a number of times with the excellent stand-alone DHX grid control.

I really like the DHX product, by the way.

Thank you again.

Sorry, Darya, it’s still not working. It dies on the attachGrid() still.

Here’s the link to the DHX sample code I’m trying to use:

Would you be so kind as to provide me with all the code of a functioning version of this sample, please? I’m finding there is still too much guesswork on my part to figure out quickly how to bind the grid to the tab set.

Thanks again.

Hi, Darya,

Please ignore my previous request. It turns out a few of the dhtmlxgrid libraries were missing. It works now. Thank you again.

Ok :slight_smile:

Hi ajaxian…can u post the full code here…i am also facing the same pblm