Tab labels cut when the tab with larget text is selected

In a tabbar, if i have a tab with large text, and user selects that particular tab, the text of the tab cuts, though it displayed the full text when it was not selected.

I have already added the call for ‘tabbar.enableAutoReSize(true);’ but no effect of this api call.

Please find attached the sample to reproduce. Also attached is the screenshot of the issue.

Vibhav Agrawal (71.2 KB)


the issue isn’t reproduced in the latest tabbar version. Please contact us at if you 're a licensed customer and need the PRO version.

Hi Alexandra,
I had attached the sample with the OOTB dhtmlx javascript files and the version of files which i had attached is: Dhtmlx v2.5 Pro Rel.2 2009. And on this version this issue was reproducible.

Could you confirm if you could reproduce this issue in the attached version of file?

Is there any other version which have been released after my version, in which this issue is not reproducible, because on the website, it doesnot list any release after v2.5.
If it is so, please let me know the version, so that i can get it.

Vibhav Agrawal

PS: I am a licensed customer & have professional version of dhtmlx.


the problem has been fixed in the latest development version of tabbar.
To get it please create ticket at