Tab order

I have a grid in which the number of columns is not fixed. The columns are dynamically loaded based on certain conditions. I have some ro type columns in the grid. Is there a way to skip the read only cells during tab??

This functionality will be available as API call in next version of grid.
For now you can achieve necessary effect with small code modification, please check … 20readonly

I have looked at the previous posting and it was dated on Oct 22, 2007. But we are currently using grid version 1.5 and the tab still dosent skip the read only cells.

The functionality will be included as part of API in dhtmlxgrid 1.6
To achieve same functionality in dhtmlxgrid 1.5 - code need to be updated as described in mentioned thread.

In which file can i find the piece of code you have mentioned in your posting?? I tried looking into DhtmlxGrid.js file but the code for the tb order in that file looks totally different.

dhtmlxgrid.js , line 1321
    if (!=“none”  && !this.cells(acell.parentNode.idd,acell._cellIndex).isDisabled() )   // text in bold need to be added
        return acell;
    return this._getNextCell(acell,dir);