Tab style does not get set to inactive after grid.setActiveT

I have a quirk with the tab bar. When I run the following code:

function ChangeActiveTab(idn, ido)


if (idn == ‘tabPositions’) {

SelectedPosition = null;

EditMode = null;

if (ido) {


tabbar.setContentHref(“tabPositions”, “TabPositions.asp?department=” + SelectedDepartment);        



return true;


function CloseTabs()


tabbar.setTabActive(“tabPositions”, true);    


function DisableAllTabs()


tabbar.disableTab(“tabSupports”, false);

tabbar.disableTab(“tabDocuments”, false);        

tabbar.disableTab(“tabApprovals”, false);

tabbar.disableTab(“tabNotes”, false);    

tabbar.disableTab(“tabPosition”, false);

tabbar.disableTab(“tabChanges”, false);

tabbar.hideTab(“tabDocuments”, false);        

tabbar.hideTab(“tabApprovals”, false);

tabbar.hideTab(“tabNotes”, false);    

tabbar.hideTab(“tabPosition”, false);        

tabbar.hideTab(“tabSupports”, false);

tabbar.hideTab(“tabChanges”, false);


tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”,“top”, 25);


tabbar.enableAutoSize(true, true);




When the user clicks the “tabPositions” tab from any other tab, I want to hide the other tabs. That works as expected. However, when the tabs are enabled again and shown, there are two tabs that appear active. For example, if the “tabDocuments” tab is active and I click the “tabPositions” tab, all the other tabs are hidden as expected. The next time those tabs are opened, however, the “tabDocuments” tab appears active even though the “tabPosition” tab is the displayed tab (and the “tabPosition” tab appears active, too).

The dhtmlxtabbar.js file is dated 4/2/2008.

Thanks for your help.

Problem already fixed in latest version.
If you are using standard edition - just update to latest dhtmlxTabbar 2.0
If you are using pro edition - please contact us directly at and provide your ref. number - we will send you the necessary update.