Tab support for the lightbox


I have customized the lightbox and it’s height is about 1024 px and it is becoming a problem to use the gantt in laptops or other small screen devices. So Is there a way that we can have the lightbox customized to have tabs, so that it can be more useful in using.

there is no built-in support for tabs. I think currently the only way would be to implement a custom lightbox - you can redefine gantt.showLightbox(id) method and display a custom modal from there

Can you please give me some sample code to work with, so that i can start my implementations.

currently there is no ready example or detailed instructions.
The basics is following - each time lightbox is invoked - gantt.showLightbox is called.
So if you overwrite this method you’ll get an entry point for displaying a custom form - you can display an arbitrary modal popup from there. By overwriting it i mean that you can redefine methods in following way:

[code]gantt.showLightbox = function(id){
var task = gantt.getTask(id);

// show popup here

When user saves form, you can apply the changes using a public api - gantt.updateTask, gantt.addTask, gantt.deleteTask

Please clarify if you have a specific difficulties with implementation


show me some code written adding the following code
and how labels and sections in these div tabs.


i want to added below code in place of div with class name “gantt_cal_larea” in lightbox and
added columns and section in each of the tabs.

	<div id="a2" name="Tab 1-2" style="display: none;">

	<div id="a3" name="Tab 1-3">