Tabbar and ajax - how can I do?!

I have a problem with tabbar:

when I click on a tab, I want to load tab content through an ajax call to a function in my server-side components (written in Cold Fusion, but I imagine that in ASP.NET will behave the same way). That function returns a string, and I want to assign that string to a tab content (using setHtmlContent method, or also using .innerHTML property): it simply doesn’t work.

I debugged with FireBug and discovered that ajax call succeeds, but it results seems to be blocked by tabbar. If I remove dhtmlxtabbar from my page, the call succeeds and I see the result.

Furthermore, if I do any ajax call on the page that contains dhtmlxtabbar, these all seem to be blocked!

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately I can’t reconstruct problem, please provide any kind of sample - dhtmlxTabbar doesn’t modify any global settings, or create any global objects, so it must not interfere with AJAX loading. So far - this is first report about such problem.