Tabbar and Combo Integration

I’m trying to integrate cascade combo box selections into tabbar control.

The tab control has 4 tab. Each tab loads a XML file (ajax method) with different forms.

In each tab I load a form with cascade combos, combos with check boxes, input boxes, etc.

Using combo with check boxes, the image of the little rectangle (checked or blank) is displayed in the other tabs. This happens only if one of the options of the select combo is selected (click on the option). If the option is checked (click on the check box), the image is not displayed in other tabs.

I want to know if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong, and finally what can I do to avoid this situation.

Finally I want to congratulate you people for give us all this powerful tools.

Thanks for your help.

Miguel Maneiro

Try to use attached file instead of the original one. It should fix the issue. (1.21 KB)