Tabbar and content in different frames?

Just beginning to evaluate Tabbar for my client’s needs. We are looking at upgrading our current custom made intranet navigation to Tabbar, but do need the Tabbar to be in one frame (not IFrame) and the content loaded by the Tabbar selection in another. Is that possible and, if so, how?

It seems to me, that this sample will help you … 5_all.html
Tere are 4 tabbars without content zone.

I’m sorry, but if the solution is in that sample I just can’t see it. I’ll try to be more specific and maybe you can tell whether the solution actually is in there or not.

I have two frames, top and bottom. My two-level Tabbar menu will reside in the top frame. Each click on a tab on the second/bottom level should load a specific HTML page in the lower frame. No AJAX, no XML, just load the pre-existing HTML page in another frame. Can this be done?

Test this sample, please:
tabbar.rar (395 KB)

Thank’s, that example described enough even though it did not include frames handling directly.

However, I don’t seem to be able to make the selection “stick”, i.e. the tab I select changes color when I click it but once I relese the mouse button it goes back to its unselected state. Is this somehow configurable or am I missing something?

What exactly behavior from tabbar do you expect?
Please, describe in detail.

Look at your demos at … skins.html. Take any skin, e.g. dhx_skyblue. Click Groups or Reports and that tab will be “selected”, i.e. have a bold font and a sligthly different background color. And it will stay that way until I click some other tab on thab example. In the sample you sent me I want the selected tab to behave something like this, but it just reverts to its unselected state.

Oh, sorry
Make some changes:

tabbar.attachEvent("onSelect",function(id){ if(id == "tab1"){ lay.cells("a").attachURL(""); } return true; })
It is important to return true.