tabbar and dynamic sizing...won't change size of tab until I

I have 4 tabs, the first of which is called “Research” - in this tab, the user is allowed to run searches against our system. We use prototype ( and jquery, and each of the results (articles) are added in an ever changing list of divs. One search could return 10 articles, the next 1000, the next 10 again.

I create the TabBar thus:

function setupTabs()


    var reportTabBar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“reporttabbar”, “top”);


    reportTabBar.setSkinColors("#FCFBFC", “#F4F3EE”, “#FCFBFC”);

    reportTabBar.enableAutoSize(true, true);


    reportTabBar.addTab(“reportTab”, “Research”, “100%”);

    reportTabBar.addTab(“summaryTab”, “Summary”, “100%”);

    reportTabBar.addTab(“optionsTab”, “Options”, “100%”);

    reportTabBar.addTab(“productsTab”, “Products”, “100%”);

    reportTabBar.setContent(“reportTab”, “reportdiv”);

    reportTabBar.setContent(“summaryTab”, “summarydiv”);

    reportTabBar.setContent(“optionsTab”, “optionsdiv”);

    reportTabBar.setContent(“productsTab”, “productsdiv”);



when they run a search, it looks like this:

function reloadSection(sectionid, filter)


if(filter == undefined)

     filter = filter2XML(sectionid);

var params = $H( {

command: ‘reloadsection’,

    reportid: $F(‘reportid’),

issueid: $F(‘issueid’),

filter: filter,

itemcount: $F(sectionid + ‘-itemcnt’),

sectionid: sectionid,

when: new Date().getTime() }).toQueryString();


… loading …

var url = ‘Cmd’;

var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(sectionid+"-UNP", url, { method: ‘post’, parameters: params, onComplete: makeNewContentDraggable, onFailure: showError});


the code in the Ajax.Updater adds the results to the page in the ‘reportdiv’ which is the contents of the first tab - this result is HTML produced from the ‘Cmd’ servlet/ejb/etc.


I have

- gone through every conceivable permutation of Auto[Re]Size

- looked at your code and called adjustSize() directly

- I’ve called setContent() with the same div again after the Ajax.Updater returns

I can’t seem to get the tabbar scrollbar to scroll beyond the fixed amount until I physically click one of the other tabs and go back to the Research Tab - as soon as I click another tab, the scrollbar changes and the new height is recognized and I can go back to

Can you help?