Tabbar and form check

May i check form for validation on various tabbar and then collect values from forms and send them ???

The problem is not clear enough. if you asked about dhtmlxForm, here are the “validation” samples:


I have huge form about person that combine specific information like: P.O. box, Firstname, Lastname, Surname, country, phone number and other values …

I want to split information to tabbar, in tabbar name “Person info”, in other “Where he live”, and other tabbar with information.

Can i from one tabbar name “Person info” validate other form in tabbar and collect them, validate and then send to database ???

Tabbar doesn’t provide such a built-in functionality.

Content of different tabs are displayed in different containers. You may place the form on the page and tabbar into this form. And in this case inputs from all tabs will be submitted

Could you please provide example to use form with tabbar :unamused:

[code]<form …>

var tabbar=new dhtmlXTabBar("tabbarCont","top"); ... [/code]

thanks very beautiful :smiley:

May i check twice form in form validate and send data


formData = [ {type: "fieldset", name: "basic", label: "Общее", list:[ ..... tabbarform = new dhtmlXForm("Add", formData);

then i attach it to

info.setContentHTML("info","<div id='Add user'

It possible to again init form to validate and send values


Emergency Contact and Medical Information

form = new dhtmlXForm(“add_user”);


Please attach the complete demo to the post

It’s working.

How attach combobox to

formData = [ {type: "fieldset", name: "basic", label: "Общее", list:[ {type: "select", id:"country", connect: "country.php", ..... tabbarform = new dhtmlXForm("Add", formData);

Basic OptionConnector work, but not combo it give error, xml with data of conutry…

Check the following post:
Possibly it’ll resolve the problem.

P.S. We are going to release the new form with built-in combo support next week.


i be waiting …

why when i attach my form.html page to, a window with

w1.attachURL(“form.php”, true);

nothing work, not combo, not calendar ;(

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: dhtmlXComboFromSelect

dhtmlxform.js:1665TypeError: Result of expression ‘sel.options[sel.selectedIndex]’ [undefined] is not an object.

but when i load form.html from address bar all work ???


w1.attachURL(“form.php”, true); loads page by Ajax and sets its content as innerhtml of container. So, all libraries need being included on the main page (where window is initialized)