Tabbar - Autosize Issue with setTabActive

Good evening,

I’m implemeting the Tabbar for content ajax-based views; but when I use the
tabbar.enableAutoSize(true,true); option, something “funny” happens, only the tab’s titles are displayed (like the 1) in the example image), and if I want to see the first tab content its needed to select the 2nd tab and then the first one; when the first tab data is loaded the autosize works perfectly. (like the 2) in the image ).

It’s a way to prevent that to happen?

here is my code

tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("tabbar", "top"); tabbar.setSkin('modern'); tabbar.setHrefMode("ajax-html"); tabbar.setImagePath("/js/dhtmlxSuite2.5/dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/"); tabbar.addTab("a1","Empresa","100px"); tabbar.setContentHref("a1","mypage.thml"); tabbar.addTab("a2","Diagnostico","100px"); tabbar.addTab("a3","Equipos","100px"); tabbar.enableAutoSize(true,true); tabbar.setTabActive("a1");


try to use the latest tabbar version. Locally the problem doesn’t occur with it (10.9 KB)


It worked nice,

thanks againt for the quick reply!