Tabbar Closable


I want only specific one tab closable false.

How to I that it?


you could check dhtmlx example here: DHTMLX - Tabbar. Close button

When adding tabs dynamically I want to make one tab closeable false.

For Example,

const tabbar = new dhx.Tabbar(“tabbar”, {
css: “dhx_widget–bordered”,
mode: “top”,
noContent: true,
views: [
{ tab: “tab-1” },
{ tab: “tab-2” },

let nextTab = 3;

function addTab(index) {
tabbar.addTab({ tab: “tab-” + nextTab++, css: “panel flex” }, index);

function removeTab(index) {
const id = tabbar.getId(index);

then I want only tab-1 closable false.