Tabbar Content background color...

Hello and thank you!

Very simple question:
I have looked in the CSS files for the Tabbar product and cannot figure this out – Where can I change the background color of the CONTENT SECTION of the tabs from light blue to white?

I am able to set the bgnd color of the div object that I assign as the content of a tab… but the inherent BGND color of the tab content object is still light blue and it shows.

Any direction here is greatly appreciated.
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tabbar content zone is white by default. if you’ve placed some content into a tab, the content has got the color you’ve define for it (tabbar doesn’t change the BG color of its content).

Thank you so much, Alexandra, for the quick reply.

I see in the website samples that the background is white.

However, before I add ANY content (I have not touched the code yet, I just loaded the sample initialization code from the samples that come with the product), the content section background is light blue. From where could this setting be coming?

Perhaps the fact that I am using the modern style has something to do with it. Is this possible?

Any thoughts?

Thank you again… Cynthia-


I just went to the samples page for predefined styles… here:

and many of the samples have light blue backgrounds in their content sections. The default design has white. :slight_smile:

Try to use the following to define white background color:

.dhx_tabcontent_zone{ background-color:#ffffff !important; }

THANK YOU KINDLY, Alexandra, for the background color tip.
It worked beautifully!!!