Tabbar does not draw border around tabs

Why does this tabbar not draw the border around the tabs. It doesn’t show the yellow line for the active tab and for the hover. The files are at this web page:

What javascript file draws the border? What line of code should I debug to find out why it doesn’t? I have version 3. downloaded and it has these files: dhtmlxtabbar.js, dhtmlxcommon.js, dhtmlxcontainer.js, and dhtmlxtabbar_start.js. dhtmlxtabbar_start.js is not linked to my page. I found that it breaks it.

You have listed only js files. And where your css files? Did you includ them in the library?
File dhtmlxtabbar.css is responsible for tabs registration. And specifically yellow strip is put by ‘default’ skin:


If you do a “view source” you will find that the dthmlxtabbar file is listed like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/dhtmlxtabbar.css"/> . If I did not select a skin doesn’t the code automatically choose “default”?

I added


The dhtmlxtabbar still doesn’t draw the tabs properly.

Yes, you need to choose skin manually.
In that case make complete demo…

You said that the yellow line is only for “default”. Which skin has that yellow line? What code do I need in my page to choose that specific skin?


The skin is called ‘default

You can see all finished skins here: … skins.html

You really need ‘default’, because ‘winscarf’ & ‘winbiscarf’ have facets.

This problem only happens on the site that I have hosted at On the local webservers Windows (Vista, IIS7, IE9) and Mac (OSX 10.6, apache, Safari 5) the tabs are drawn properly for the default. If I access the hosted site from either computer the tabs aren’t drawn properly. This indicates that the webserver is the problem. Can you find out what differences in webservers could cause the tabs to not draw?

Check, please, have you uploaded the folder with pictures for dhxTabbar? …/dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/default/

The imgs/default directory was uploaded. What else could be the problem?

Actually there are no images, therefore check attentively once again

The permission settings on the webserver at the hosting company might be the problem. I am discussing this with them.

Yes, it can be…
Good luck!

This does not seem to be an ownership or permission problem because you can access the image files in the browser.

I’d like to modify the javascript to hard code the filenames to fix this. Tell me what part of the javascript to modify for this.

You need to correct all paths to your images:
write … lt/***.gif
NOT … lt/***.gif

dhtmlxTabbar - with the capital letter T

Where in the javascript do I do that?

At a stage of installation of a way to pictures: tabbar.setImagePath("…path")

That fixed the problem.

You are welcome!