Tabbar enableAutoSize Error

I have a tabbar with several tabs.
It is initially set to size…

<div id="divTabbar" style="width:900px; height:637px;"></div>
	tabContainer = new dhtmlXTabBar("divTabbar", "top");
	tabContainer.addTab("t1", "t1", "150px");
	tabContainer.addTab("t2", "t2", "150px");
	tabContainer.addTab("t3", "t3", "150px");
	tabContainer.setContent("t3", "divGrid");
	// tabContainer.enableAutoSize(false, true);

And works fine.

If we try to use tabContainer.enableAutoSize(false, true);

We get the following error:

[b]Error: is undefined
Source File: http://...../dhtmlxtabbar.js
Line: 90[/b]

Try to use the attached file. It’ll solve the problem with autoSize functionality (12.3 KB)

That works, thank you!

is it possible that this fix still is no part of current release?
I use dhtmlxSuite 2010 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 2.6) Professional edition build 110318.
AutoSize behavior didn’t work. So I tried your attachted file, now it works.
Any info on this?


Yes, it is possible. Packages are usually not updated after a version released (2.6 was released in summer 2010). Version 3.0 is planned for May.