Tabbar extra functionality


I would like to be able to init the tabbar with a “plus button” after the most right tab and when i click the plus button a new tab to be dynamically added next to the most right one (the id and the name pattern should be defined with an event “onPlusButtonClick” or whatever you call it.

tab1| tab2| tab3 (+) -> tab1| tab2| tab3| tab4 (+)

Also i would like to be able to have a GROUP of tabs and each group of tabs to have some configurable MARGIN between them. Here is an example:

tab1| tab2| tab3_________ tab4| tab5

As you can see tab1, tab2 and tab2 represent the first group of tabs and tab4 and tab5 represent the second group of tabs. The reason for this functionality is because sometimes you need to visually distinct some logical similarities and behaviour. (In the init function the programmer should choose if all groups of tabs will have a "plus"button or only some of them)

Also i would like to be able to init the tabs with a BADGE icon after the tab name and be able to programatically update the badge value. For example the badge icon may be a container for a number or a “new” label or whatever it suits somebody’s needs.

And finally and most importantly there needs to be two different types of groups:

1. Tab group (simply tabs)
2. Toolbar group (buttons, drop down list, text, slider, and so on…)
3. Custom container (Here you can place html elements for very custom needs)

The reason for this extra functionallity is due to the fact that sometimes you want to place one or two buttons on the most right part of the tabbar. For example a button with a dropdown list where you can place checkboxes and/or call some settings window or simply to save some space and not adding toolbar over the tabbar because of only one button.

tab1| tab2| tab3_________ Settins: (<)(>)(@) <— These are text and buttons similar like the toolbar ones.


Unfortunately we’re not planning to extend such functionality for the tabbar in the near future, but your suggestions will be sent to the dev team on the consideration.
Thank you for your post.


Where can i see road maps for the components?


Unfortunately currently there is no public roadmap for the dhtmlxSuite.


When is the next version expected to be ready? There should be a way to track the progress. This is important for people building big and complext projects where lots of custom extentions are needed to be made in order to meet the clients requirements. So if we can track the new staff and know that soon some of the missing functionality will be naturally implemented that would safe developers lots of time. Just my two cents.