tabbar.forceLoad causing error this._hrefs is undefined

Here is what my call looks like:

tabbar.forceLoad(1, ‘/support/search?’);

Error: this._hrefs is undefined
Source File: http://…/static/dhtmlx/dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/dhtmlxtabbar.js
Line: 104

Here is the definition of forceLoad:

dhtmlXTabBar.prototype.forceLoad = function(tabId,href) {
var tab = this.tabsId[tabId];
if (href)
this._hrefs[tabId] = href; /* error is here */
this._setContent(tab, (!this._lastActive || this._lastActive.idd != tabId));

So either I am not using forceLoad correctly or there is a bug since forceLoad expects _hrefs to be defined. Some people suggest using setContentHref(id,href) but I’m not sure if that’s going to help me. My goal is to load a tab with specific arguments (the searchParam you see in the URL above). However if a user switches off that tab then switches back, I don’t want the tab to again load with those arguments.

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UPDATE: This was with dhtmlx 2.0. I tried with dhtmlx 2.5 and still get an error, except this time it is this.cells(id) is null. I would like to find a solution with 2.0 if possible.

Make sure that the tab with id = “1” exists. It seems that it doesn’t.

it would be better if you provided the initialization code of tabbar.