Tabbar height not adjusted after ajax call


Inside tabbar I am using Ajax calls to load the data. Its working fine on IE & Firefox, but when I an loading my page in Google chrome - the content last loaded with max height retains and my tabbar does not get adjusted to the content height.

Please see below method with is called from onSelect event of tabbar:

function processAjaxURLForTabs(action, formName, tabId, divName, flag){
var obj = document.getElementById((""+divName));
obj.innerHTML = document.getElementById(“loadingDiv”).innerHTML;
url: action,
type: ‘POST’,
dataType: ‘html’,
data: decodeURIComponent($(formName).serialize()),
success: function(data){
if(data != null){
obj.innerHTML = data;
if(flag == 1){
document.forms[‘dataForm’].totalRecords.value = document.forms[(‘dataForm_’+tabId)].totalRecords.value;
document.forms[‘dataForm’].totPageNum.value = document.forms[(‘dataForm_’+tabId)].totPageNum.value;
document.forms[‘dataForm’].totRowCount.value = document.forms[(‘dataForm_’+tabId)].totRowCount.value;