Tabbar - How to find out whether a Tab is loaded or not


I am loading a third party grid in many of my tabs (using iframes-on-demand) under a tabbar.
var Gd = a_tabbar.tabWindow(“a3”).Grids;
The above statement will get me the grids loaded in tab “a3”. This works well if the user had clicked on “a3” and the grid was loaded. But if the user had not clicked on a3, the grid wouldn’t have loaded. So it throws an error message.
I tried doing a forceload of all tabs at the start. But it is time consuming. So can you please advise me if there is a way to find out whether a tab has been loaded or not.


“iframes-on-demand” method loads page only if a corresponding tab selected. If you want to load all pages at once, you may use “iframes” mode instead.

Since there is so much data to be loaded in each tab, I want the tab to be loaded only on demand. But I need to figure out which of the tabs were visited by the user (or loaded).

You may set onSelect event handler. This event fires each time a tab gets active:

/your code here/
return true