tabbar iframes

i am using iframes within tabbars to access individual html pages. All works well except pages that contain java applets. The applets load but do not display. Is threre anything I can do to resolve this?

The content of inline iframes loaded the same as normal pages , the only difference is that they can be loaded in hidden state ( container which holds iframe is hidden ) and it may affect applet functionality ( same issue occurs for some flash objects, but not for all )

You can try next

a) if you are using “iframes” mode of tabbar , change it to “iframes-on-demand”, in such case iframe will be created only when tabbar is visible.

b) add
to tabbar’s initialization code

I am using “iframes-on-demand”. I have done much testing and
investigation and here is what I have learned.

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This anomaly does NOT occur in Windows IE 7.0x or Machintosh Firefox 2.x, 3.x.
However, Firefox 2.x and 3.x (Windows and Ubuntu) DOES exhibit the problem.   I have
included a link for you to see my sample code in use.

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On the first tab is a radar page from the NWS. Under short range
images, reflectivity, select composite �loop�. This is a link to a java applet
which will NOT display in Windows(Firefox). Now, if you �comment out� the
nested tabs under the second tab the applet will display properly. Therefore,

anywhere inside the container will cause the failure mode. Or,
without removing the nested
if you load the java applet page
directly into the tab without having to link to it, it will display properly.
So, changing the environment of the tabbar has an affect.

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Any thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve this on Windows Firefox  without excluding links on content or nested tabs?

The problem confirmed, but it pretty hard to suggest anything. It is definitely related to specific of applet runing in IE and there is no open information about used logic.
Please try to use

<div hrefmode=“iframes-on-demand” enableForceHiding=“true” …

This mode resolved issue with flash objects in similar scenario, maybe it will be helpfull for applets as well

Thank you for the example. I had tried enableForceHiding=“true” but I had the syntax incorrect. Using your example solved my issue. Thanks again for your help.