TabBar image path incorrect on initial page load

I am using a TabBar on my page with winDflt style. When the page with the TabBar loads, the image path for the right and left sides of the un-focused tabs has an extra slash ( / ) at the beginning of the pathname. This results in a path like the following


When the tab is clicked on and brought to be the primary tab, the path is written correctly, and when focus is taken back to another tab, the path is once again written correctly, so the script is only incorrect for the initial state of the tabs (and only for the ones that are not focused). What can I do to make sure the path is correct for when the page loads?

Issue can’t be reconstructed with current version of tabbar. The path of image consists from the path set by setImagePath and image name, there is no any addional characters hardcoded.
Please try to use attached js file ( latest codebase )
If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed. (10.8 KB)

After downloading and using your file, I still have this issue.  I have tried to make a replication using standard HTML and PHP, and the code works normally under those circumstances.  I loaded that same code that works properly through the joomla controller in my custom component and it produces the same error, so this error is a result of an interaction between your code and the Joomla framework.

I am using Joomla version 1.5.3, and I’m using it in legacy mode so that I can use some components that haven’t been updated to the newer framework.  I don’t know how familiar you are with the joomla project, so I don’t know whether this issue should be continued here or with their support team.

I am using the PHP function file_get_contents() to include the javascript into the page (otherwise joomla gets function not defined errors for the javascript calls), but I am using full file paths from the root of the drive to ensure it’s not an issue with dynamic linking for the purpose of this test.

Let me know what additional information you may require.

If issuse still occurs for you - please provide exact js code, which you are using for tabbar initializatio.