Tabbar in IE does not display for some users


Some of my users are (consistently) not getting the tabbar displayed - while others can. This seems to be in IE.

A screenshot from someone who does not see it is available at

To access the page, go to

(Use dhtmlx/dhtemp1 to log in).

Hopefully you will be able to see the tabbar displayed. It looks like the following:

Can anyone suggest why this is happening?



the tabbar is displayed in the IE8 and not - in IE7.

Make sure that the container where tabbar is initialized has desired sizes in all browsers.

One user who has the problem is already using IE8.

Also, why would the container size in IE8 be any different from IE7?

One thing I do know, is that this same user (above) can see tabbars in my other pages. So my immediate thought was that there is something different about this page compared to the others. But I cannot detect any (major) differences.

eg. this page has:

Another page has:

What else should I inspect more closely?


Have you checked the container size ? This issue doesn’t relate tabbar.

If the problem can not be solved, please attached the demo where we could recreate it locally.

I discovered an interesting aspect of this today as I was viewing the screen of one of my customers in an online session.

He was using IE8 and when he first visited this page the tabbar was not properly visible. But when he clicked the ‘compatibility mode’ button it was properly displayed.

So my question now is: What elements of html/javascript - as provided for in Tabbar code - is not being accepted by newer browsers not using ‘compatibility mode’?

At least I can tell my users to click ‘compatibility mode’ if they do not see the tabbar properly.


Probably the size of tabbar container is different in compatibility and standard modes.
Tabbar occupies the whole container that is defined in the contructor. So, please check size of the element on your page.

Here is the div - inside a table row - that is used. I do now notice that the stylesheet element (using a Salesforce stylesheet) may be the cause of this.

The css elements for labelCol include the following:

.bPageBlock .detailList .labelCol {
width: 18%;
.popup .bPageBlock .labelCol{
width: 30%;

I have now changed the row to:

I do not have an opportunity to test this as the problem does not happen on my pc (with IE8) - and only on some users. Do you think the above is the cause?

You need to be accurate when you set sizes in percents. I think that the fixed size will solve the problem.