tabbar in layout

I have a layout with 3 panels. The top panel is a form. The middle panel is for the results and the bottom panel provides miscellaneous information.

In the middle panel, I want to have multiple tabbar. The first tabbar would have a grid and the other would have content of HTML pages. I tried the following code but only the last tab is showing.

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“cmr”, “3E”);

// Attach div to layout




// Attach tabbar to the result pane

tabbar = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();


/ addTab(“id”, “label”, “width”)

tabbar.addTab(“myGrid”, “CMR”, “100px”);

tabbar.addTab(“mySite”, “Web”, “100px”);

Am I doing something wrong or is this not supported?


Please try this:

tabbar.addTab(“myGrid”, “CMR”, 100);
// not "100px"
tabbar.addTab(“mySite”, “Web”, 100);

The above doesn’t make any difference.  I still only see the last tab.

If I try to attach content to the tab, I get an error…

// Assign content to tabs
tabbar.setContentHref(“cmrResults”, “”);
tabbar.setContentHref(“dnbResults”, “”);

this._content[id] is undefined
dhx_tab_close()(“cmrResults”, (line 109)
init()cmrSearch2.jsp (line 83)
onload(load )

var z=document.createElement(“DIV”);z.c…{if (this._hrfmode.indexOf(“iframe”)==0)

cmrSearch2.jsp (14.4 KB)