Tabbar Issue - Additional Grid Lines Uing .NET MVC3

When I first display a table within a 2 tab tabbar, the table has additional grid borders displayed as shown on the attached graphic. If I select the second tab and then return to the first tab, everything is displayed correctly. The error occurs only when the tabbar initially opens.

We need the complete demo to reproduce the problem locally.

Hi Alexandra,

There is a test system at Select History Quarter/Comps Winners off the toolbar.

I have used IETester to test it under IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10. The screen shot is taken under IE7 (or Compatibility View). Under IE8 and IE10 there are no problems. IE9 however displays just the heading with a blank page!!

If you need anymore information, please let me know how much of the web site you wish me to send.

Roger Hampson

Hi Roger,

try to apply enableForceHiding method:


Hi Alexandra

That does not seem to have made any difference to IE7 and Compatibility View.

Roger Hampson


I forgot to mention that this method should be called before tabs are added:


Please try

Success, Alexandra. Thank you very much.