Tabbar Last close button blocked

When you have a tabbar with several tabs open and gets too wide and the side scrolling arrows are shown, the last tab’s X button is blocked by the right arrow:

The last tab can’t be closed.

And in the above situation, if the first tab is visible (all the way to the left) and you start closing tabs, the arrows will disappear once the number of tabs is less than the object width and all will close fine.

But, if you are all the way to the right (last tab) and start closing tabs, the arrows will not disappear properly and will cause an error some of the time. And the first tabs will not slide into view to fill the newly open space.


you may try to add a fake tab as workaround:
tabbar.addTab(“tab1”,“Tab 1”,“100px”);
tabbar.addTab(“tab2”,“Tab 2”,“100px”);
tabbar.addTab(“tab3”,“Tab 3”,“100px”);


I ran into this and used two different approaches. One is you can have tabs in multiple rows, so you have only as many tabs in a row that will fit in the space without having the left and right arrows show up. The other solution I’ve used is add a toolbar to each tab and add an exit/close button to the toolbar.

Hope that helps.